Metal Roof in Leduc

Metal roofing systems have lost some of their popularity in Leduc. However, the manufacturers of these roofs took this as a challenge and developed a variety of roofing types that are more attractive and energy-efficient than common corrugated metal panels of the past.

We at Wolff Roofing offer a wide range of metal roofing systems that will meet any needs and budget. Our certified technicians can install, repair and service these roofs to ensure that they protect your homes for many years to come.

Metal Roof Benefits

One of the biggest drawbacks of a classical metal roof is the fact that it looks rather commercial. It’s a good choice for industrial buildings, but installing this type of roofing on a residence will make a home look very unattractive.

Nowadays, you can find metal roofing systems that are designed to imitate other materials, such as slate, wood, and clay. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, including slate, tile and shingle metal roofs.

This abundance of designs combined with the benefits offered by this type of system may help metal roofing to restore its position among the leaders of the market. The most important of these benefits are:

  • Longevity.
    The vast majority of metal roofing systems come with at least a 50-year manufacturer’s guarantee, quite a few of them have a lifetime guarantee. With proper maintenance, this roof can last as long as the house itself. This fact allows you to increase the price for the property should you decide to sell it.
    Note that the warranty will not be valid unless the system is installed by certified roofers. If all the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance requirements are observed, you shouldn’t have any trouble with transferring the warranty to the new property owner after the sale.
  • Weight.
    Metal roofing systems are lightweight, which means they can be installed on any type of building. Some types of roofing, for example slate, are too heavy to be used on older homes and do not allow for some creative designs, but this material allows to create any kind of roofing construction you can dream of.
    In some cases, metal roofing can be installed directly over an old roof.
  • Energy-efficiency.
    There are specialized metal roof coatings that can boost the energy-efficiency rate of this system. They will make the surface reflective, which means it will reflect the sunlight and heat. This will cut down on your energy bills during the summer as the building will be cooler by default. If the system is well insulated, it will effectively prevent the precious warmth from escaping during the cold season.
  • Weather-resistance.
    Modern metal roofs are designed to be highly weather-resistant. One of their biggest benefits is the fact that extreme temperature changes don’t affect them, which makes these systems a great choice for Leduc residents.
  • Fireproof.
    Though a metal roof cannot stop or prevent a fire completely, it can effectively reduce its spread. If a fire is next door, the risk of your roof setting aflame by the hot ambers is minimal.
  • Environmental impact.
    As much as 95% of the roofing might be created using recycled metal, which makes these systems one of the greenest options available today. In addition, the roofing can be recycled again if you decide to replace it.
  • Wind-resistance.
    Only a very strong hail can damage a properly installed metal roof. Otherwise, the risk of developing a leak because of punctures caused by debris is minimal. The biggest problem you may face after a relatively severe storm is a couple of dents. However, they may not be visible and don’t compromise the efficiency of the roofing system.

Metal roofing not only offers incredible durability, but also lasting beauty, which makes it an ideal roofing material. Moreover, the value of metal roofing is inarguable, as it requires practically no maintenance, offers very reasonable replacement costs, lasting vitality and durability

For your convenience, we keep an updated gallery of all our projects, so you can view the samples of our metal roofing work online.

Wolff Roofing delivers a variety of metal roofing options, so whether you prefer a classic traditional, sleek contemporary or a rustic design for your roof, we can deliver quality metal roofing in a wide range of colors and designs.

Metal roofing benefits include:

  • lasting durability, offering anywhere from 50 to 75 years of service with very little maintenance
  • it is 100% recyclable and composed of 50% recycled material
  • your metal roof will not burn, which means that it provides ideal fire resistance. This trait is recognized and honored by many insurance companies, and reduced rates are often provided due to the incredible fire resistance of metal roofing.

A variety of metal roofing options is available to you, and our dedicated team of roofing professionals is fully equipped to help you choose a metal ideally suited to your purposes. Royal Roofing Inc specializes in steel, copper, aluminum, tin, lead and corrugated metal roofing.


Metal roofing meets the highest levels of protection from fire, wind uplift and damage from hail or snow. It also requires very little maintenance and can last from 50 to 75 years (and over), as it is resistant to mildew, splitting, curling and cracks. Moreover, metal roofs are environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable and reflect solar rays, which can significantly decrease the cost of cooling your home. You can pick from a wide range of materials when deciding on a type of metal roofing. Available options include galvanized or coated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, a number of other coated metals, as well as several options of panel construction, such as standing seam, 5V, decorative stampings, etc.

Finally, metal roofing systems are lightweight and durable, regardless of whether the roof is installed newly or is replaced.


Metal roofing is usually installed on top of a solid substrate, and should not be any more penetrable by noise than asphalt shingle roofing, if the installation is performed properly. Moreover, additional soundproofing is ensured by the attic and roofing insulation. In order to install a metal roof over your existing residential roofing, furring strips will most likely be used to raise the metal roof over the existing one. These strips will create an air pocket which will provide added noise insulation.


Compared to other roofing materials, metal is incredibly environmentally friendly. For instance, in order to produce shingles, millions of crude oil barrels are used, and over 30 billion pounds of asphalt shingles annually end up in a landfill. Metal roofing on the other hand is composed of as much as 50% recycled material and can be totally recycled itself. It is the most recyclable roofing material, and in North America 64% of all scrap metal is recycled annually. Moreover, metal roofing can often be installed on top of existing roofing, allowing you to save on extra charges resulting from the tear off and debris disposal process.

Metal Roofing Prices

The prices for metal roofing in Leduc are approximately three times higher than the cost of conventional asphalt roofs. The manufacturer prices for metal roofing materials are much steeper and the installation process is much more technologically demanding, requiring specialized skills and training. Moreover, the costs of metal roofing are largely affected by the tedious and time consuming nature of the installation process, which requires immense precision and patience. On average, the process of installing a metal roof is about two to three times more time consuming than a conventional one.

Metal roofing offers tremendous vitality and can last you a lifetime without ever needing any serious maintenance. It also provides significant saving on cooling costs, while enhancing the design of your home and increasing its overall value. The benefits provided by the cost efficiency and a variety of other potential savings implicit in the construction of a metal roof compensate for it being more expensive than a typical asphalt shingle one. In fact, after decades of reliable service you can save double or even triple the amount of investments you would have made, having installed an asphalt shingle roof. Keep in mind that the cost of a standing seam metal roof differs from that of a shingle metal roof.

Metal Shingles

A basic kind of residential roofing material is metal shingle. Metal shingles are usually designed in a manner, which allows them to interlock with one another, meaning that every shingle is locked in with six others on all four of its sides. The main advantage of the interlocking design provided by metal shingle roofing is the reliability that comes with it, as the roofing system is very durable because every shingle is supported by the six surrounding ones.

Wolff Roofing offers other kinds of metal roof installations, such as metal roofing panel and standing seam (single sheet metal roof) systems.

Metal Roofing Installation

The installation of a metal roof can be a very dangerous process, which makes safety our first and foremost priority. During the installation, protective equipment is necessary and consists of elements such as a full body harnesses and fall prevention systems comprised of roof anchors, shock-absorbing lanyard and a 50 inch lifeline.

Installing Metal Roofing

  • The layer of old roofing must be torn off to ensure a clean metal roof installation. It is possible to install some metal roofs over the existing ones; however we prefer to strip off all of the old layers before commencing the installation.
  • Once the base of the roof is cleared, a breathable roof underlayment is installed for added protection.
  • We then proceed to wrap all areas needing flashings (such as the chimney) in a special coating in order to prevent the likelihood of leaks.
  • Then we run a metal edging all around the perimeter of the roof.
  • A first metal sheet can now be installed, and the next one is layered in an overlapping manner.
  • This process is then repeated on the entirety of the roof, until the last piece of sheeting remains.
  • An extra space, which exceeds the edge of the roof, is measured.
  • Then the layering procedure is repeated on the other side of the building.
  • Finally, a metal trim is installed in order to cover the edges, as well as the ridge peak of the roof.

Metal Roofing Leduc

Over the years, Wolff Roofing has built itself a stellar reputation by providing clients all over Alberta with outstanding and reliable service, backed by the use of top quality products along with our competitive prices. 

The installation of a metal roof is usually more expensive than that of conventional asphalt shingle roofing; however it is also more cost effective. A metal roof (be it commercial or residential), properly installed by the expert Wolff Roofing team is likely to last a lifetime. Manufacturer warranties on metal roofing vary, but some of them extend to as long as 50 years.

  • Wolff Roofing is experienced in all aspects of metal roofing, such as installation, removal, as well as repairs and maintenance.

Metal roofing can significantly enhance the appearance of your home, as it is available in a variety of colours. Moreover, the high-tech polymer coating applied to a metal roof makes it incredibly resilient in the face of weathering and fading, and requires very little maintenance! It takes as little as frequent rain or occasional rinsing with a garden hose in order to keep your metal roof looking brand new for years to come.

If you are experiencing some type of leak or ineffective drainage with your roofing, it could be time for repairs or full replacement. Call the roof repair and replacement specialists from Wolff Roofing in Leduc at (780) 966 6050 today for a no-obligation quote.

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