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Current Position:

Experienced Roofing Helper

Job Type:

Full Time Position



Wolff Roofing understands that everybody works to earn money; so we take this very seriously & we have a strong commitment with our people. No matter what your salary is, it will be paid every 2 weeks.

Now, pay is based on skills and experience.

Wolff Roofing will reward your work, every paycheque you will receive 6% vacation pay extra. No exceptions, we pay through payroll, no cash, no advance payment. Everything is done by the books. The schedule is Monday to Friday and occasionally Saturdays but not mandatory.

Wolff Roofing offers you exceptional teamwork, you will never feel pushed down, discriminated against, or left behind. Even though we could have different tasks are only one team! Safety comes first, you will never be asked to do risky targets, work without safety, or without the right equipment. Friendly work environment, our philosophy is to be friends more than coworkers. and we respect each other.

What Wolff Roofing Is Expecting From the Applicant:

Transportation: We preferentially ask you to have your own vehicle, if you are not able to meet in Leduc.

Punctuality: Without exceptions, work starts at 8:00 a.m. and in the summertime at 7.00 a.m.

Attentiveness: As part of the team, we ask you to follow the instructions, so we all can work proficiently.

Sober: No drugs or alcohol are allowed period. Roofing is a high-risk career. We need to use our five senses.

Independent: We need proactive workers who keep the production up and do not confuse friendly with irresponsible.

Attitude: Leave personal problems at home, at work we need to be in good mood, to keep a nice environment at all times.

Respectfulness: Always practice being a nice person & to treat clients / coworkers the way you want to be treated.

If you liked the proposal and you cover the requirements then contact Wolff Roofing and LET'S ROOF TOGETHER!

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